Our mission- "With whom you work with what kind of philosophy and environment"
We welcome people to join us who aim to grow professionally
through their work road to be part of building up concrete leading company together.

"With whom you work with what kind of philosophy and environment"

If your mind changes your action will change. If your action changes the world will change.
Creating the historical great company with venture minded philosophy.
A person who recognizes his/her lifelong mission, then that person will have the heart and guts to live for mission and has a courage to never lose.
We, DAICHI GROUP have been established by our president Mr. Noda only himself at first,
than the company has been grown as a top noch ad technology company with 4 trillion yen annual sales,
by developing marketing service specifically for promoting smartphone contents.
We are currently have opening posts for DAICHI MEDIA which majored in WEB marketing and Real Estate business.

Our Vision

  • "Personal own growth"
  • "To become a high standard"

Creating "New Standard" for the next generations.

Company Culture

We put huge importance of our way of thinking and mind as our company philosophy.
In our company members are gathered who are willing to grow personally as well as making a huge impact on this society throughout their work road.
Out president shares the same mind setting thus he faces each member with serious instructions and lessons towards each member's growth.
We are looking for applicants who have high motivation and enthusiasm, challenging spirits undaunted with any struggles, making utmost efforts to achieve goals, grit spirit,
problem solving ability utilizing one's intelligence, as well as creative thinking in order to make the new products to the society.
Furthermore, we put importance on one's every action whether they are considerate for others. We are coaching each member to grow as a top business person as well as let them grow personally.
We put importance on our company culture to acquire ability to protect our every member as well as to make a personal progress and grow to make everyone near by happy by becoming the No.1 company together.

Real Estate

Currently there are two big revolutionary waves in Real estate industry in Japan. The one is Real Estate business promoting IT. Original Real Estate business has been conducted by men such as the information sharing has been conducted through papers or FAX which was behind by means of degitalization.
However, there are huge IT enhancing big waves such as marketing utilizing internet, removable of a ban of Skype, or vacation rental business which directly put huge effects on the real estate industry which changes whole structure of it dramatically. The another point is huge intersts from overseas towards investment on Japanese real estate property. Nowadays, compared to the Chinese real estate properties' abnormal price raise because of the dramatic economic growth, the profitability and stability on Japanese Real Estate properties are getting huge interests.
DAICHI MEDIA is conducting to dealing and mediating premium properties such as high class residential properties for the high-income class inside and out of the nation.
We are now have job openings for the high status property sales as well as incubation start up position specifically related in Re Tech business.
We are looking for members who create the standard business which connects to the brighter future as well as contributing to build up company together.


Smartphones are necessary items nowadays.
Among the internet mobile industry, companies such as gaming, E-commerce or E-book are growing rapidly. Not only those companies but original players in every industry have to utilize web marketing promotion such as SNS and so on in order to grow themselves.
We are now looking for a member who manages Japanese top clients' marketing promotion utilizing most advanced our ad technology and know-how.
Experiences are not essential, but applicants with experiences are preferred. Applicants who have enthusiasm to learn, willing to input new information everyday and make a logical plan to make an action can take an active part and role in our company.
Let's be part of us as a top-noch web marketer to create the front line of market.


Offered Job
  • ◆Sales(WEB promotioin planner)
  • ◆WEB advertising consulting management
  • ◆Sales(Real estate trading, mediation, IT business startups)
  • ◆Incubation business startups
  • ◆Designer
  • ◆Engineer
Working hours 10:00〜19:00
Welfare Program
  • Day off: Every Saturday and Sunday, National Holidays, Wniter holoidays (December 29th~ January 4th), Summer holidays (August 13th~15th), annual paid holidays, special leaves for weddings and funerals, various insurance benefits, health insurance (joined in Japane Health Insurance Association),
  • employment insurance, workmen's compensation insurance, welfare pension insurance
Starting Salary
  • 210,000.00 yen/ monthly~ (Undergrads)
  • 220,000.00 yen/ monthly~ (Grads)
  • ※Wage raise annually
  • ※The offer is negotiable depends on personal work experience, qualification or performance.